About RMU

RMU (Reformatorisch Maatschappelijke Unie) (Reformed Societal Union) is a Christian trade union of employers and employees in The Netherlands. The RMU is founded and structured on Biblical principles.

The RMU is an organisation for employers and employees. It was founded in 1983, with no money, no funds, no staff, but with many ideals. At the moment there are 16.000 members, and 27 RMU employees working at the offices in Veenendaal. You can characterize the RMU as a not-for-profit-organisation. There is a yearly membership fee which constitutes/makes up the yearly budget.

The Union unites workers in all sectors and stands up for their interests. We support our members with legal assistance, answer all sorts of workrelated questions and offer discounts with the RMU Plus Card.

The RMU is based on the Holy Bible which is its guideline. The 4 goals are:

  • To give a clear vision on all aspects of work in society.
  • To promote good relations between employers and employees.
  • To make Collective Labour Agreements (CAOs) and social plans for companies that have problems and experience difficulties.
  • To help individuals who have problems or conflicts at work

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